Multilingual Blog SEO

Multilingual blog SEO is the only way to develop a geo-targeted multilingual presence on foreign search engines without having to translate a website.

Up to 2005, when properly optimized, foreign language single doorway pages had enough “SEO juice” to be eligible for priority rankings. However, it has been well over 15 years that such multilingual single entry pages have not been prioritized by Google technology as they are considered to feature insufficient content.

However, in today’s internet context, paradoxically, Google technology rewards multilingual blog posts with full ranking eligibility: keywords enriched posts/articles translated in foreign languages are considered to be reaching a wider audience and are fully eligible to rank on the first page of foreign search engines accordingly.


To rank on the first page of the multilingual versions of Google, the translated versions of a blog post must feature content relevancy, as well as be optimized properly while featuring the proper WPML coding (for WordPress websites). Also, new content needs to be posted regularly.

Translating blog posts is also ‘the perfect excuse’ to add ongoing legitimate content on a website: a 1000 word article in English, when translated in 5 languages, may turn into 6000 + words of multilingual keyword enriched text which reflects positively on the overall content relevancy of a website, thus even enhancing the ranking eligibility of the main English version of a website.

Multilingual blog SEO is all about having a website being found when international users search with keywords in their mother tongue on foreign language search engines.

Translating blog posts is the perfect excuse to publish priority ranking eligible content targeting specific languages without having to translate a website.

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