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We specialize in writing impactful culturally correct Amazon listings regardless of the language involved:

SEO ranking eligibility on Amazon is significantly different from conventional SEO i.e. Google.

The pertinence of the copyrighting of a listing is crucial in terms of sales conversions. Aside from conducting a manual keyword audit, we complement our work by using advanced software offering the precise metrics allowing us to define the appropriate content for each Amazon listing.

The relevancy of the initial keyword analysis & research is crucial to being found on Amazon by qualified potential buyers.

We enhance the copywriting of Amazon listings, not only with keyword-enriched text, but also, we compose our texts based on positive reviews for similar/competitive products.

When preparing an Amazon listing, we always prioritize the graphic environment by using professional photography and video: from the angle the product is being featured to the exposure and contrast of the photo, there are proven professional techniques which yield in increased sales. We highly recommend the use of a video for each listing as it is proven to increase sales conversion.

We specialize in translation & localization of listings for the European multilingual versions of Amazon: we strive to respect the cultural ramifications of each market. Different keywords can be used in the UK and in the USA to describe the same product in English. The same applies to French when it comes to prepare a listing for Québec or for France… Each market is subject to a specific keyword research even when different countries share the same language. We customize each listing according to idiomatic keyword patterns used in each country.

More than just translation and cultural adaptation (localization), all the multilingual work we offer is performed by native translators and Amazon SEO technicians all working in their native tongue ensuring full cultural and language accuracy.

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