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What is Website Localization?

Website Localization refers to the process of fully or partially translating a website while optimizing it according to foreign search engine rules and regulations.

In order to appear on foreign search engines, you need to ‘localize’ your website which includes translation by native speakers, adapting the language charset, foreign encoding, keyword research, and SEO. By featuring an optimized website in foreign languages, you maximize the potential exposure of your company on foreign search engines (the Chinese Baidu, the French Google, the Japanese Yahoo, the Swiss-German Google, etc).

Featuring a website simply in English limits your company to English speakers and English search engines, which only accounts for approximately 25% of online user marketshare. In order to be eligible to rank on foreign search engines you need to have your website featured in different languages, either your entire website or partially. For example, an English-only website cannot appear on (the largest search engines amongst French online users) which represents 96 million online users.

More Than Just Translation

As a multilingual SEO firm, we translate from an international SEO perspective, with the goal of ranking your localized website on the first page of international search engines with competitive keywords related to your industry.

Prior to translating each individual language, we conduct a thorough SEO keyword analysis to determine which foreign keywords are going to generate the most relevant foreign traffic to your website. Key factors such as ‘keyword density factor’ and competitiveness of each keyword gives us insight into how to optimize the translations for foreign search engines.

All our translators and SEO technicians are native speakers and are constantly up-to-date regarding the best local SEO practices in their mother-tongue.

No matter what industry you are in, or how technical your keywords are; our team of translators, SEO technicians, programmers, developers, and marketeers are fully qualified to localize your website and position it on foreign search engines.

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